Business Contents

Software Development

We have been dedicating ourselves to development of various kinds of computer systems since its foundation in 1973 as a core business of our own.

Taking advantage of our acquired technologies and skills over the years, NJK provides the best solution for the customers.

As a pioneer of independent software houses, NJK has accumulated its original technology and know-how for years. We are engaged in development of value-added software, where up-to-date technologies and business know-how are being integrated combined with our original software parts, tools, frameworks, etc., mainly for mobile communication devices and enterprises' core application systems. Also, we provide ad hoc IT services for the customers.

As a qualified holder of ISO9001 certificate that is a substantial standard of quality assurance, we carry out engineering work along quality-first policy by means of Quality Management System (QMS).

Network & System Devices Sales

We are specialized in selling domestic and/or imported IT products, such as server machines, work stations, peripherals, network related devices, Operating Systems, application packages, etc., to potential customers nationwide including government and municipal offices, manufacturers, distributors and banking agencies and offices.

Besides sales, as a System Integrator, we are concerned with constructing infrastructures on network system basis, providing IT solutions, consulting services of IT products to introduce, implementing computer systems from setting to wiring, introducing maintenance services, etc.

Software Package Development and Sales

We develop and sell NJK's original software package "Nature" series, which provides intelligent solutions to support enterprise management and improve efficiency in business operations i.e. data transactions and making decisions. The series consists of two major products; "DataNature" is to manage various and a large number of data for their tactical use, while "InfoNature" is to retrieve and extract data quickly from a vast amount of information being stored in files with easy operating manner.

" Nature" series feature automatic generation of operating buttons which is based on our original technology "Button User Interface" (BUI)*. The series will help you to extract and utilize data or information you need accurately and rapidly.

In addition, we focus on selling and developing original package software "Facility Management System" ("FMS"), for management of apartment and condominium, in order to meet the needs for sophistication of property management method and its expansion of management domain.

Also, we develop some other solution products and services available for business requirements.

* Button User Interface (BUI) is NJK's own technology with Japan and US patents. The main feature of this technology is to generate operating buttons automatically from the data values stored in computer memory.